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There is a tongue-in-cheek saying in many recovery communities that goes, “The best places to ‘party’ are also often the best places to recover.” While this is a fun little aside, it is also not hard to see the truth in it. For individuals struggling with active addiction, their time becomes fully consumed with feeding that addiction. So, what happens when that time opens up? It needs to be filled, and in recovery, it needs to be filled in healthy and progressive ways. Full-day treatment in Colorado has this requirement covered, and then some.

Understanding Full-Day Treatment

Ultimately, full-day treatment, including full-day treatment in Colorado, is a type of non-residential treatment that may include a partial hospitalization program (PHP) or not. Ideally, full-day treatment involves an individual checking in on a daily basis at a physical recovery center. Particular days may be more intensive, while other days may focus more on accountability and long-term goals.

Some individuals may minimize full-day treatment as a less effective option compared to an inpatient program. This is a fallacy. In fact, full-day treatment is often a better choice for certain individuals that need to stay active in their day-to-day lives. For example, some people need to remain more available for their children, or some individuals do not have the option or luxury to fully disconnect from their work. Full-day treatment is often an ideal choice for them.

The Benefits of Full-Day Treatment

Now, full-day treatment does have its limitations and is not for everyone. For example, individuals in the later, more severe, stages of addiction may be better served in a residential setting. Though it should be noted that full-day treatment can be an effective and often recommended transition from a residential program.

However, those that fit the qualifications for full-day treatment often find that it is a quintessential choice for their recovery needs. The following are just some of the benefits that full-day treatment has to offer:

  • Ability to stay connected to home, work, and/or school
  • Many insurances cover full-day treatment, and some offer more coverage for full-day treatment over residential options
  • Often offers more direct accountability over self-chosen community recovery
  • Helps individuals transition to community and/or 12-Step recovery in a healthy and supportive manner
  • Daily connection with professionals offers real-time progress reports, as well as the option to adjust recovery plans based on how things are going
  • Allows for family members and loved ones to be more connected to the recovery journey as they remain in closer contact

Those are just some of the broader benefits of full-day recovery. However, full-day recovery in Colorado offers many more. 

What Makes Full-Day Treatment in Colorado Unique?

Colorado has some of the best recovery communities in the country. It also has some of the best options for natural therapy and nature immersion as well. There are also some of the most highly regarded and effective treatment centers in the country located in Colorado.

The Redpoint Center has multiple locations in Colorado, and they all offer exceptional evidence-based treatment while at their recovery centers, but also the backdrop of Colorado to aid in the recovery process. 

For example, The Redpoint Center has a location in Longmont. Not only is Longmont located less than 40 miles from Rocky Mountain National Park, but it is also roughly 45 minutes from Denver. This allows individuals to get the connection to nature that is often a powerful component of recovery but also lets them connect to one of the country’s most unique urban hubs. It is true that staying active can be an essential element of recovery, and full-day treatment in Colorado can check nearly any activity box that one could want.

The Redpoint Center: The Primary Purpose Is Recovery

When it comes to recovery, the mission at The Redpoint Center is to help as many people not only recover at the moment but to acquire the tools needed for long-term recovery. At The Redpoint Center, we also understand that no individual recovery journey is the same. That is why we believe in “meeting people where they are at.”

In addition, we believe in being part of the community rather than a separate entity. Also, we just happen to be blessed with one of the most beautiful mountain backdrops in the country. Our community-minded space ensures that our clients feel at home, while also receiving the clinical and therapeutic expertise that is often required for recovery. 

It has always been our recovery mission to help our clients – and their families – recover without requiring inpatient stays or traveling exorbitant amounts of time to get the help they need. Recovery needs to be both accessible and accountable, and at The Redpoint Center, we are thrilled to offer both with our full-day treatment programs.

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