Our Medical Model.

It is common for individuals suffering from addiction to have co-occurring physical and mental health conditions. At The Redpoint Center, we address both of these issues. In addition, we help our clients build a strong, trusting relationship with our onsite medical director. This connection is key.

All of our clients are thoroughly evaluated by our onsite medical director, Dr. Honor Ashbaugh. Dr. Ashbaugh develops healthy attachment and trust with everyone she sees. A treating physician is paramount to recovery from substance abuse and addiction. Hence, Dr. Ashbaugh dedicates her professional time to the clients at The Redpoint Center and does not treat patients outside of this setting.

During the initial medical evaluation, Dr. Ashbaugh determines co-occurring physical or mental health conditions that may complicate or interfere with recovery from substance abuse or alcohol addiction. As a board-certified Internal Medicine physician for over 20 years, Dr. Ashbaugh has extensive experience. Furthermore, she has treated adolescents and adults for complicated physical illness, mental health disorders, and addiction.
Not all individuals admitted to The Redpoint Center have co-occurring physical or mental health conditions requiring ongoing medical care. However, recovery from substance abuse and addiction often requires additional medical treatment and support. In these cases, clients visit with Dr. Ashbaugh on a regular basis, as often as necessary. The additional medical support is at times required for successful recovery. Dr. Ashbaugh works closely with other physicians involved in the patient’s care, and if a co-occurring mental or physical illness is outside of Dr. Ashbaugh’s scope of practice, individuals are referred to qualified local specialists for additional evaluation and treatment.

Success in substance abuse recovery often requires the assistance of a medical professional. Dr. Ashbaugh prides herself on being there for our clients. And clients requiring this additional medical support feel cared for and trust in Dr. Ashbaugh.

Dr. Ashbaugh received her medical degree with honors and trained at the prestigious University of Texas Southwestern Medical School in Dallas. She has over 20 years of experience as a licensed and board-certified Internal Medicine physician. With over 20 years of experience as a general internal medicine specialist, Dr. Ashbaugh has vast experience treating adolescents and adults for complicated physical illness, mental health disorders and addiction, and is passionate about developing a strong therapeutic attachment with her patients in order to facilitate their recovery and healing. Unlike medical directors of many other substance abuse treatment programs, Dr. Ashbaugh remains onsite at the Redpoint Center and dedicates all of her time to the treatment of their clients.

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