Recovery from any kind of mental health disorder, addiction, or co-occurring disorder is a complex process. Having the most informed, dedicated treatment is paramount for your future health.

At Redpoint, we understand the need to address the whole self, not just the symptoms of addiction or mental health disorders. Our comprehensive medical model allows us to personalize your treatment, creating a unique approach that heals the whole person, all while providing medically informed care and support each step of the way.

From detox to residential and ongoing care, our team and on-site clinicians are available to ensure you get the most individualized, effective care catered to your unique needs and goals throughout your personalized treatment program.

The Complex Nature of Recovery

Navigating recovery is rarely a straight line. There will be moments of triumph and times of difficulty throughout the journey. Recovery has ups and downs, whether you are navigating detox, sober living, or an intensive outpatient program for recovery from addictive substances, mental health disorders, or co-occurring disorders.

It can be challenging to predict how withdrawal symptoms will impact each individual or to what severity. Having access to as many resources as possible throughout each step of your journey can provide you with the support you need to overcome these difficulties while maintaining your hard-earned transformative efforts.

Our medical model allows us to diagnose and guide you through your unique situation, providing support wherever needed while helping you build on your own healing practices. From assisting with mental health support, withdrawal management, medication-assisted treatment (MAT), and developing ongoing healthy practices and strategies, we are committed to helping you address the complex world of treatment and recovery with the support of professional medical staff.

Our On-Site Clinical Care

Our medical approach to treatment and recovery is backed by constant access to on-site medical staff helping each client to build their own relationship and trust with our clinicians. Speaking with our staff can help us effectively and accurately diagnose and treat your unique situation.

By providing you with the time and resources necessary to address your mental and physical needs throughout recovery, we can further individualize your care, addressing specific challenges each step of the way.

Through a combination of education, MAT, and supervision, we are committed to empowering each client to reach their goals throughout recovery. We can help you overcome the hurdles of addiction recovery and mental health disorders to create your best future.

Meet Dr. Honor Ashbaugh

Our on-site medical director, Dr. Honor Ashbaugh, brings her professional care and education to the clients of Redpoint. Between her medical degree granted from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School and her over 20 years of experience as a board-certified internal medicine physician, Dr. Ashbaugh is committed to the healing of each person who pursues their recovery through Redpoint.

From experience treating adolescents in our teen program to helping adults navigate the complex relationship between mental health disorders and addiction and treating complex co-occurring disorders, Dr. Ashbaugh embraces the heart of our medical model by treating the whole self, all while remaining available and on-site at Redpoint to provide accessible and dedicated care.

The Importance of Medically Informed Care

Having access to medical treatment when necessary provides a myriad of benefits throughout your recovery journey. The support of dedicated professionals ready to help you address the effects of addiction, mental health disorders, and the physical damage of substance use to the body is instrumental for navigating the physical and emotional effects of withdrawal and recovery while preventing relapse.

Our medical model also allows us to monitor your continued well-being while you continue to build on your own best coping strategies. Monitoring your physical and mental health through the use of MAT can provide you with the support you need to continue focusing on your own healing at any stage of the recovery process, from your first step into detox beyond.

Providing You With Options

While not all clients will require a dedicated medical approach, it is still a powerful resource for any who are ready to begin their healing journey at Redpoint. Healing from substance use disorders often requires a degree of medical oversight. Even if you are not actively engaged in MAT or other dedicated medical approaches, you can benefit from regular visits to discuss your progress and concerns to address any needs that may arise.

In the event that certain circumstances need additional support, Dr. Ashbaugh and our staff hold close ties to local specialists available for further evaluation and treatment. Each journey through treatment and recovery is unique. By providing medical options for care pertinent to your unique situation, we can create the most effective, personalized approach to treating your whole self, from physical illness to mental health and addiction recovery support.

We combine our professional medical support with effective therapeutic modalities, all working to create a holistic approach to your recovery. Combining MAT with cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical-behavior therapy (DBT), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), EMDR therapy, and clinical supervision, our medical model can help you navigate withdrawal and help you process the stress, change, and emotional effects of recovery in a safe and educated atmosphere.

Treatment and recovery can be difficult to navigate, and it can be impossible to predict exactly how your medical needs will impact your recovery journey. We are prepared to help you understand and overcome whatever challenges await you through addiction recovery, mental health disorders, and co-occurring disorders, with Dr. Ashbaugh and the rest of our trained clinicians available to help you find and pursue the right path for your transformative journey at Redpoint.

Our medical model is vital for creating the best, most comprehensive care possible for your unique recovery journey. For more information on how we here at The Redpoint Center can create a recovery program that is right for you, call us today at (303) 710-8724.

If you have questions about Redpoint Center's mental health rehab and drug programs in Boulder, Larimer, or Garfield County, please call (888) 509-3153 or text us now.