Redpoint Center is a top-rated substance abuse and mental health treatment program with locations in Boulder County and Larimer County, Colorado. Redpoint has treatment facilities in the towns of Longmont and Fort Collins, providing easy access for our local communities. At Redpoint Center, we focus on our clients with an individualized approach and accessible therapeutic services that provide individuals with supportive outpatient care while maintaining their daily lives. 


Our team of licensed, caring professionals understands the challenges associated with rebuilding their lives while maintaining daily responsibilities and commitments. As a leading provider of Colorado mental health and addiction treatment services, Redpoint provides a diverse set of skills and tools for clients to safely navigate the challenges that accompany substance use and mental health concerns. We empower our clients to live meaningful lives with community, purpose, and recovery.

Open Positions

Administrative Technician

The Administrative Technician is responsible for overseeing the non-clinical needs of the participants. The Administrative Technician role may function is varied capacities as is needed.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • In conjunction with a multi-disciplinary team, oversees administrative functions of the organization.
  • Ensures compliance with recording of all notes in EMR system.
  • Monitors for safety of the participants.
  • Directs participant evening and day group non-clinical services.
  • Acts as a support to the clinician leading groups.
  • Collects urinalysis samples and labels each.
  • Facilitates 1 on 1 mentorship of participants.
  • Completes other administrative tasks as defined.
  • Works in conjunction with primary therapist to ensure all data needed is entered into the EMR.
  • Immediately refers issues relating to medical policy and/or procedures to the Medical Director.
  • Assists the CEO in other duties as assigned.
  • Builds strong collaborative relationships with customers and referral sources and acts as a representative of Redpoint Center LLC in the community.



Full-Time Therapist

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Meet with assigned participants weekly for individual counseling regarding their progress in their treatment.
  • Conduct groups as assigned.
  • Completes all charting and notes within specified time frames.
  • Meet with clinical coordinator and other staff members weekly for clinical review of participants.
  • Develop the material/curriculum with depth and variety for the topic group assigned.
  • Exhibit the ability to motivate participants in their early recovery.
  • In conjunction with multi-disciplinary team, develop and implement aftercare plan with participant.
  • Occasionally provides crisis management.
  • Occasionally provides in-house training to clinical staff.
  • Regularly attends outside training and professional development.
  • Occasionally attends conferences.

Requirements and Qualifications

  • CACII or above
  • 2+ year’s professional experience as a registered psychotherapist.
  • Previous experience working with substance abuse.



“There are a few key reasons why I love working with Redpoint. One predominant component is that it’s meaningful to me to be part of a family-run, local substance use disorder and mental health treatment program that is truly client-centered. The team cares about the client at a deep level. What’s more, I know that my contributions, ideas, and values are heard and acknowledged as important and this is hugely gratifying as a team member and a major part of why I do what I do. At Redpoint, we go above and beyond—not just with the curriculum but from the heart. We have so much passion, knowledge, and experience on our team. It makes each day a gift to be part of the solution.” 

 —Wendy Stine, Redpoint Northern Colorado Program Director

At Redpoint Center, we hold our team close, as our professional staff are the foundation of our extended community. There are various benefits to working at Redpoint including:

Boulder and Larimer County Mental Health and Drug Rehab Careers Photo

Experience being part of a dedicated, caring team changing people’s lives for the better

Boulder and Larimer County Mental Health and Drug Rehab Careers Photo

Benefits including vacation time, insurance health care packages

Boulder and Larimer County Mental Health and Drug Rehab Careers Photo

Professional trainings to further career development and skill sets

If you have questions about Redpoint Center's mental health rehab and drug programs in Boulder, Larimer, or Garfield County, please call (888) 509-3153 or text us now.