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Reviews & Testimonials

We know that selecting the right outpatient substance use and mental health treatment program can be a tough decision. At Redpoint Center, our entire team has firsthand experience of what it’s like to be new in recovery. Our thoughtful, caring experts are here every step of the way. Don’t just listen to us, here are some reviews of Redpoint Center from our community.

Redpoint Center reviews and testimonials from our extended community.

“Redpoint Center is one of those places I never thought we would need, but the minute we did… I was forever grateful! Each member of the staff has played such an important part in the recovery of our entire family. Addiction doesn’t only affect the individual struggling; it rocks the entire family to the core and Redpoint helped get us all back on track. The staff genuinely cares about the well-being of their patients—recognizing their individual needs, strengths, and how best to provide support to each person. The staff is knowledgeable, relatable and passionate about their work. I highly recommend Redpoint and will forever hold a special place in my heart for the care & compassion they provided.”

—Family Member of Redpoint Client

“As a person who has experienced multiple treatment programs Redpoint is by far the best. They focus on your life as a whole—not just your life as an addict. The unconditional support is truly mind blowing. Redpoint is an environment that thrives off growth and progress, however don't shy away if you’re afraid that progress won’t happen or take too long... they're here to help.”

—Redpoint Alumni

“After working blindly for over a year on our substance abuse crisis, we found Redpoint. They quickly helped to stabilize our family member and gave her, and us, tools to begin valuing and rebuilding our lives. The staff members truly cared for her and saw her potential. My family member built strong, trusting relationships with her treatment team; they held her accountable and together they made progress. The art therapy, yoga therapy, and other group therapies helped my family member feel connected wholeheartedly. As a family, we were kept informed, educated on the recovery process, and supported. I’m so grateful to Redpoint and their knowledge and dedication”

—Family Member of Redpoint Alumni

“I was at Redpoint’s IOP and sober living for 5 months. I arrived after spending 3 months at another inpatient program. Redpoint was the perfect step down program for me. The IOP was the perfect style of aftercare and the sober living was a very comfortable house with good guys and thoughtful staff. My counselor was great. She helped me work through many difficult situations and she was very flexible and was able to work around my busy work schedule. During my time at Redpoint I repaired my relationship with my son and passed my electrical licensing exam, which was huge. I give a lot of credit to the environment the Redpoint team created. I'm coming up on 9 months sober and they were a huge part of that as well.”

—Redpoint Alumni

“When our family was suddenly in unfamiliar territory, Redpoint came into our lives and quickly helped stabilize the situation. Masterfully, their experienced and seasoned staff held our hand through the crisis.

Through Redpoint's compassion, patience, and education, we were able to reach a safe plateau where we were able begin the work necessary to heal. Redpoint was there for us in so many ways—way beyond anything one would ever imagine...Endless gratitude.”

—Family Member of Redpoint Alumni

“The Redpoint Center has a very special place in my heart. This is the IOP treatment center where I chose to get help with my addiction and mental health struggles after my 3-month stay at a residential rehab. I was no stranger to relapsing and hitting new rock bottoms, and this last time that I decided to get sober, I decided to put my all into it. My first conversation was with Redpoint's director, Donnie, and he was very kind and willing to listen to what I had been through. He related to me and my experience struggling with addiction. Also, Donnie was willing to work with me and figure out a way to make sure I was able to get into the program with my insurance. I was very nervous when I went for my intake appointment, but I was able to meet staff who were very kind and funny and I ended up laughing throughout the appointment. I met the co-owner, Donnie, who is a very down-to-earth guy who made sure I had whatever I needed. He also gave me great advice for my first month in the real world sober and even helped me get my first sober job by referring me to another client. The therapy at Redpoint was exactly what I needed. The therapists and other clients were able to challenge me when they knew what I was thinking or saying was out of sorts. The community at Redpoint were supportive when they saw I was doing the right things for myself. Without Redpoint, I wouldn't be where I am in life today, and I will forever be thankful for my experience there.”

—Redpoint Alumni

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