Our Fort Collins Mental Health Facility.
Rehabilitation & Recovery

Redpoint Center Fort Collins mental health & drug rehab treatment program is thrilled to expand our services. We offer quality care for those struggling with mental health and substance use issues. It is Redpoint’s mission to empower our clients to live lives of community, purpose, and recovery. Expanding our recovery services throughout Colorado means we help more individuals and families in need. Our licensed professionals understand the complex challenges associated with starting anew. And, collectively we provide a diverse set of tools to safely navigate those challenges. Read more about our treatment programs here

We treat clients through practical recovery skills they can apply in everyday life. In addition, we address and heal past trauma and stressors that influence behavior patterns. Hence, we build a strong foundation and community around each of our clients.

Fort Collins now provides rehab in Larimer County, Colorado to serve more of those who need drug treatment and alcohol rehab, as well as mental health support. With CSU and a younger community, outpatient services mean more of those who need it get help.

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Our Mission

Located in Fort Collins, CO, the team at Redpoint Center is here to embolden our client’s sober living through clinically sophisticated programming. In addition, we place an emphasis on the development of practical recovery skills and provide a multi-layered approach to addressing trauma. Redpoint offers a strong clinical backbone. As the top Ft. Collins drug rehab program, we offer a variety of therapeutic resources. Consequently, each component is designed to create a strong sense of community, purpose and recovery.

Our Fort Collins Team

The team at Redpoint Center is diverse in practice and unified in purpose.

Because each of our clients is unique and will respond to their treatment as such, the team at Redpoint offers multidisciplinary therapeutic interventions, each designed to meet and to heal individuals in a way that yields lasting change.


Fort Collins Addiction Treatment

Our adept clinical team, well-versed in Fort Collins addiction treatment and mental health, empowers clients to embrace lives of purpose and recovery. We pave the way for lasting change through practical recovery skills, compassionate healing, and a supportive community. Under the guidance of our diverse team, our tailored therapeutic interventions foster sustainable recovery and holistic well-being. With a rich pool of experience, we are dedicated to providing compassionate, personalized care on the path to recovery.

If you have questions about Redpoint Center's mental health rehab and drug programs in Boulder, Larimer, or Garfield County, please call (888) 509-3153 or text us now.