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Each individual will have their own unique journey overcoming addiction of any kind. Addressing the use of marijuana, heroin, opioids, alcohol, and more takes an intense amount of effort and dedication. Having a personalized treatment plan is crucial for making the most of every person’s dedicated efforts throughout recovery. Each person may also resonate with various approaches differently, with some benefitting from the use of medication throughout their recovery journey to address the common challenges prevalent throughout treatment and outpatient care. However, understanding the role of medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is necessary to set appropriate expectations and goals for its use.

What Is MAT?

The use of medication throughout the recovery process can be intimidating for some, and knowing the benefits that it can provide is essential. MAT is the use of various dedicated medications during recovery to address specific symptoms and challenges common throughout treatment and sobriety. When used in conjunction with other strategies, MAT provides a holistic approach to recovery, addressing not just physical and emotional symptoms of recovery, but also empowering each person to further dedicate themselves to their own sober goals.

For some, the use of medication can be instrumental, especially during the beginning of their recovery journey. Withdrawal symptoms and newfound stresses are normal during such a tumultuous time of change. However, others may continue to utilize medication to address personal challenges even beyond this time and throughout daily life in outpatient care. How each individual approaches medication, the symptoms looking to be addressed, and when and how long medication is used will be a personal experience depending on their unique situation and the guidance of The Redpoint Center’s on-site medical professionals.

Setting Expectations for MAT

Medication can be an amazing resource for those overcoming the use of alcohol and drugs, and navigating the challenges of a newfound sober life. However, there is never a “quick fix” to substance use disorder (SUD), and expecting medication to fully address these challenges without other efforts can cause an individual to set unrealistic or dangerous expectations about the use of MAT.

The use of medication is not a replacement for other therapeutic practices. Rather, the use of medication can provide each individual with the support needed to effectively engage in other therapies and ingratiate themselves within a dedicated recovery community. This holistic approach is instrumental to a genuine, transformative recovery journey, and aligns with Redpoint’s commitment to treating the whole self, rather than just a collection of symptoms.

The Benefits of MAT

While the use of medication in isolation may not fully address the challenges of addiction, using it alongside other effective treatment modalities available at Redpoint can have a myriad of benefits for those continuing to overcome the challenges of a newfound sober life. Coping with feelings of anxiety, depression, and withdrawal symptoms is difficult and can prevent otherwise gainful engagement in group therapy or the experiential therapies available at The Redpoint Center. Others benefit from a higher ability to focus on workplace responsibilities, rebuilding relationships, and empowering those in recovery to practice new social skills to engage in healing communities.

Using medication to address specific symptoms and challenges while continuing to refine personal coping and life skills to further address these situations can be paramount. Combined therapeutic activities and medication can also help those engaging in Redpoint’s outpatient treatment programs better view their own success, motivating each individual to continue through the difficult recovery journey with motivation and confidence in their progress.

Personalizing Medication

Just as there is no one, single path to a sober and fulfilling future, there is not just one approach to MAT either. Each individual will work with dedicated medical professionals to determine the medication that may best support them depending on their needs and goals, typically determined through an interview process that goes over the challenges faced and their history with addictive substances.

For some, MAT can be used during the beginning of their recovery journey to help each individual transition into a new life in outpatient treatment. Taking the first step into sober life is always filled with change and uncertainty, and the additional support provided by medication can help individuals transition into this new lifestyle and phase of their lives. For others, medication can be a great way to maintain effective changes made in outpatient treatment throughout daily life and foster a sustained, sober future while helping to prevent relapse.

However, the use of medication is not necessary for everyone pursuing a sober future, and not all people may benefit from the practice in the same way. Working with Redpoint’s medical professionals can not only inform if an individual would benefit from the use of medication in their recovery, but also to what extent and what other therapies may best support their transformation. Whether an individual engaged in MAT alongside other proven therapies or not, there are always new ways to approach recovery and sobriety through Redpoint.

The use of medication can be a great way of addressing specific symptoms and challenges that may otherwise compromise effective recovery efforts. If you or a loved one is prepared to take the first step in recovery and ready to discuss the options available to you at Redpoint, we can help today. From medication-assisted treatment (MAT) to practical life skills, a community of peers, and proven therapeutic and experiential practices, we can create an outpatient treatment program that addresses your needs and goals in the most effective and individualized way. There is never one journey to a new future, and we can help you find your path today. For more information on how we can help, call (303) 710-8496.

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