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There is no doubt that recovery is a serious process. It can truly be a life-or-death decision for those who have no place else to turn. However, there is something to be said for bringing some brevity into a process that can be so serious at times. Laughter, joy, and delight can be essential for someone to fully recover at the cellular level. After all, what good would recovery be without pleasure? This is why Rule 62 can be so vital in treatment and beyond.

What Exactly Is Rule 62 in Recovery?

So then, what exactly is “Rule 62″? On the surface, it actually sounds rather sterile and scientific. However, it is anything but; Rule 62 in recovery stands for “don’t take yourself too seriously!” 

It is said that Rule 62 was originally formed in the first 12-Step recovery group, Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.). According to the A.A. write-up, Where did “Rule 62” come from? the rule originated when a particular group in the program opted to take on too much responsibility in their recovery. They were trying to control everything. When it was determined that this concept of “control” was destroying the group, one member wrote on some cards and mailed them out to other groups. According to the write-up, “Written on the inside of the card was, ‘Don’t take yourself so damn seriously!’” Rule 62 now permeates many recovery communities and treatment centers.

Rule 62: Getting Sober to Live Life to the Fullest

There is a famous passage in the primary text of 12-Step recovery (most commonly referred to as the “Big Book”) about being “glum” in recovery. It reads, “We have been speaking to you of serious, sometimes tragic things…. But we aren’t a glum lot. If newcomers could see no joy or fun in our existence, they wouldn’t want it.” This last aspect is critical because recovery is a program of “attraction rather than promotion.”

Recovery is a cyclical process and it is one that must involve the community. In reality, recovery is all about one individual who has been through treatment (or their process of recovery) helping someone who now desires to get well. 

Recovery is also full of paradoxes. The one that comes up regarding helping others is: “You have to give it away to keep it.” By helping another person in recovery an individual is actually helping themselves by stopping them from focusing on their own problems, if even for a short period of time. Also, who wants someone to “give them” something that is constantly serious and lacking excitement? No, people want to see that recovery can be fun. Why? Because recovery is fun!

Rule 62: The Importance of a Balanced Recovery

Of course, having fun in recovery does not mean shirking the serious nature of the work that must be done to stay recovered “one day at a time.” It just means that bringing some joy and lightness into that work is absolutely permissible.

This is what Rule 62 and a balanced recovery are all about. It is important to remember that a life of active addiction is miserable, so why would one want to recover to continue being miserable? Of course, they don’t. Finding oneself in a healthy and fun environment is also a great way to practice Rule 62.

Why Fort Collins, Colorado, Is the Perfect Place to Practice Rule 62

There is no doubt that one’s environment can affect one’s mood. If this weren’t the case, then seasonal affective disorder (SAD) would not be a thing. The same is true as to how one’s environment can affect one’s recovery.

Fort Collins, Colorado, is an ideal place to practice Rule 62. It has all of the wonders of nature (like its open spaces and the Rocky Mountains) and all of the excitement of city hubs (like Denver and Boulder). Fort Collins also has a population of over 168,000 people with an established, exciting, and engaging recovery community. This is a community that loves to get together for sober events and get-togethers that keep Rule 62 at the forefront of the festivities.

Offering Balanced Recovery at The Redpoint Center

Here at The Redpoint Center, we know that recovery is serious business. But, we also know that a balanced recovery is where real growth and progress can begin. No, “we are not a glum lot,” and we show that by utilizing Rule 62 in our day-to-day recovery program and activities.

Here at The Redpoint Center, we also know that recovery is about the journey, rather than the destination. And what good is that journey if we can’t laugh or smile along the way? Recovery is all about a new way of living, and living is much more fun when we remember Rule 62 and to not take ourselves too seriously.

“Rule 62” in recovery is “don’t take yourself too seriously.” Yes, recovery is serious business, but if we take everything too seriously there is no room for the fun and happiness that recovery has to offer. People don’t get sober to be basic and bland. They get sober to live their lives to the fullest. If you feel like you or a loved one is struggling with issues of addiction, mental illness, or both, we can help get you on the positive path of recovery. For more information about the benefits of not taking everything too seriously, while also focusing on recovery, please reach out to The Redpoint Center today at (303) 710-8496.

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