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One of the most iconic musicians of the 20th century, David Bowie, once said, “The truth is, of course, that there is no journey. We are arriving and departing all at the same time.” This is not only a great way to look at life, but it is an even better way to look at recovery. A healthy recovery is transitional. This means that day by day, we are continuing to leave one aspect of our recovery behind, as we continue to progress ahead. Also, this is what transitioning from residential treatment in Longmont, Colorado, looks like: leaving that phase of residential treatment behind as we progress toward our recovery goals.

Beginning the Journey in a Residential Treatment Program

It is not uncommon for individuals to start their recovery “journey” in a residential treatment program. This is especially true for those individuals who have recently gone through a medical detox process.

Residential addiction and mental health care is ideal for those individuals who require close round-the-clock attention, in case any issues that may jeopardize their recovery arise. Also, residential treatment is a great place to start treatment because it offers the safe and uninterrupted space needed to focus on recovery. Outside influences can not only be distracting, but they can also be dangerous as they could be potential “triggers” for a relapse.

A residential treatment program is also a great place to start because it stands atop the transitional recovery hill. What this means is that there are many options for transitioning from residential care, all of which offer the space needed to grow and progress toward one’s recovery goals.

The Importance of Transitional Recovery

Transitions are important in recovery because each transitional phase represents forward momentum and another step toward full recovery. Also, transitions are a great way to stay connected to the recovery plan and recovery professionals that an individual started with in the beginning.

Rather than completing a recovery program in residential care and moving right back into day-to-day life, which could be both jarring and overly stressful, transitioning to the next recovery tier allows this process to go much smoother. Also, transitioning within the recovery system that we started with allows us to stay connected to our doctors and counselors who can help guide us back into our everyday lives in a much safer and healthier way.

Transitioning From Residential Treatment in Longmont, Colorado

There are many options for exceptional residential treatment in Longmont, Colorado. This is because Longmont, Colorado, offers a perfect setting for individuals to get away and focus on their recovery, while also having access to nature, such as the majestic Rockie Mountains, and Denver, one of the most lively urban centers in the country.

Also, because there is exceptional residential treatment in Longmont, Colorado, there are exceptional programs to transition down to. These programs include partial hospitalization programs (PHPs), intensive outpatient programs (IOPs), general outpatient programs (GOPs), and sober living facilities.

Transitioning From Residential Treatment in Longmont to a Partial Hospitalization Program

PHPs in Longmont, Colorado, offer clients the opportunity to stay closely connected to the recovery center but also allow more freedom to explore all that Longmont has to offer. This includes a very vibrant and engaging recovery community.

Having access to an active recovery community can be critical for recovery. This includes communities like Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.), Narcotics Anonymous (N.A.), Dharma Recovery, SMART Recovery, and Al-Anon/Alateen, all of which have strong bases in Longmont, Colorado.

Transitioning From Residential Treatment in Longmont to an Intensive or General Outpatient Program

Intensive and general outpatient treatment in Longmont can be a great transitional option. This is because there are many ways to spend free time away from a recovery center, all of which can be healthy and safe.

Also, there are over 1,500 acres of parks and open space in Longmont, Colorado. This makes it the perfect setting to find the serenity that recovery requires. In Longmont, we can “protect the peace” needed on our road to recovery.

A Journey From Residential Treatment in Longmont to an Eventual Sober Living Facility

Also, it should be no surprise that with exceptional residential programs, PHPs, IOPs, and GOPs in Longmont, there are also excellent sober living facilities. A sober living facility in Longmont brings in all of the benefits of the natural landscape and activities of Colorado, all of the benefits of the excellent recovery communities in Colorado, and melds them all under one roof.

Also, a sober living facility is the last transitional step before heading back out into everyday life. Going back to the beginning of their residential care, an individual will see how all of the transitions have prepared them to best leap back into the “real” world and their “new” lives.

The Importance of Forward Momentum at The Redpoint Center

Here at The Redpoint Center, we believe in the power of progress. We also believe that transitions make that progress much more possible.

David Bowie also once famously said, “I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring.” If there is one thing we can promise you at The Redpoint Center, it’s that our recovery is anything but boring. Ultimately, we know that, when committed to it, recovery will always be the greatest ride of anyone’s life.

For individuals who begin their journey in residential treatment, recovery doesn’t end there. It is often critical to transition down the recovery road from residential to a partial hospitalization program (PHP) to an intensive outpatient or general outpatient program (IOP or GOP) to a sober living to a community or 12-Step-based recovery life. While no one’s recovery plan will look identical, transitions in recovery are relatively universal. If you feel like you or a loved one may be struggling with issues of addiction and/or mental health and need treatment, we are here to help. For more information on transitioning from residential treatment in Longmont, Colorado, please reach out to The Redpoint Center today at (303) 710-8496.

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