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Addiction is a devastating disease that affects every aspect of a person’s life. Overcoming the use of drugs or alcohol is a complex journey. Finding the right place to begin healing greatly influences the development of a healthy, sober life. Deciding to pursue treatment is a profound decision filled with change and uncertainty. Determining the right place in which to pursue this treatment can be intimidating. However, the opportunities available at Redpoint’s Glenwood Springs location can help you personalize your approach to a healthy, sober future.

The Need for Professional Treatment

Committing to professional outpatient treatment is the first step toward a transformed future. However, many people overcoming the disease of addiction still harbor intense feelings of guilt, shame, depression, and more. Professional treatment is necessary to address the myriad of ways in which an addiction to drugs or alcohol affects a person’s physical health and relationships. However, they must also address its profound effects on their mental health.

It can be impossible to predict exactly how an individual will react to changes in lifestyle throughout their pursuit of sobriety. Both professionals and an intimate community of peers can be necessary to process these changes. Dedicated outpatient treatment is necessary to provide practical and proven therapies to balance an individual’s needs in overcoming addiction while tending to personal and professional responsibilities at home.

Embracing Community at Redpoint’s Glenwood Springs Location

Redpoint’s community at Glenwood Springs can provide the necessary support for overcoming addiction. Whether an individual is overcoming the use of drugs or addressing their use of alcohol and the emotional effects of their use, Glenwood Springs can create a genuine, caring atmosphere to begin healing.

Each person will have their own best practices and needs in recovery. A tight-knit, supportive, and family-run environment to address the vulnerabilities and uncertainties pertinent throughout the recovery process is necessary to create the most effective and personalized practices in outpatient treatment.

Our community at Glenwood Springs is dedicated to developing intimate, personal relationships throughout addiction recovery. Building close connections between peers and professionals and approaching recovery with this kind of familial support and community can empower individuals to be honest with themselves, their own needs, and their progress throughout recovery.

Redpoint is also committed to communal healing. We help not just an individual find the treatment they need for overcoming addiction but also help the community as a whole overcome addiction for a culture of healing and sobriety. The opportunities at our Glenwood Springs location allow each individual to stay engaged with local nonprofits and create community relationships for an approach to healing that involves an individual, their family, and the local community at large.

Communities work together to create the best approach to healing and building connections. Additionally, the resources available can help each individual find the most affordable and effective care possible for overcoming addiction.

Addiction is a personal journey. However, involving the family and community can lead to the most effective healing practices. Redpoint’s Glenwood Springs location is at the center of a healing culture while continuing to individualize each person’s treatment in intensive outpatient programs.

Finding Your Best Treatment Practices

Small, intimate approaches to addiction recovery can also allow the opportunities with Redpoint at Glenwood Springs to be personalized based on each individual’s unique needs and goals. No two people will have the same journey with addictive substances. Each person will have challenges to overcome, needs in recovery, and best practices for tending to these needs.

We offer programs from cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) to somatic experiencing, psychodrama, experiential therapies, and more. The approaches used depend on an individual’s personal needs and responses to practiced therapy. Moreover, personalizing treatment is essential for an effective and transformative recovery program.

Redpoint’s presence in Glenwood Springs prides itself on being a locally infused, owned, and operated place to begin healing. Our unique approach to recovery also allows us to pivot to new strategies that best resonate with each individual. Combining individual therapy, group sessions, and familial education and support, the care available at Glenwood Springs extends far beyond the facility’s walls.

Various treatment programs can further individualize each person’s treatment. There are options such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACOA), and SMART Recovery, among others, available for those that may benefit from them.

Starting Your Recovery Journey with Redpoint at Glenwood Springs

Taking the first step toward change will always be intimidating, and taking this plunge into sobriety can be difficult. However, it is also necessary to address the use of addictive substances and the relationships affected along the way. It is also necessary to address any mental health disorders that may continue to inform the use of drugs or alcohol.

Redpoint’s Glenwood Springs location is a proud, in-network option for many to begin their journey that utilizes all available resources to make this first step affordable and effective. Choosing the right place to begin each unique journey with addiction recovery is paramount. The options available with us, backed by a strong sense of community, caring, and understanding, can help you begin your transformative journey to a healthy, sober future.

The opportunities at Redpoint’s Glenwood Springs location are ready to help you or your loved one take their first step toward a healthier, sober life. We offer an array of individualized strategies to address your unique needs and goals throughout our dedicated outpatient treatment program. From a thriving and evolving supportive community to a comprehensive and personal approach to the daily challenges of recovery, we offer a unique experience and approach to your recovery needs. For more information on how we can help you begin your journey at Glenwood Springs, or to learn about our other locations and services available, call to speak to a caring, trained staff member today at (303) 710-8496.

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