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Before I spoke with Donnie on the phone during my last week of inpatient treatment, I had no idea where I was going or where I was headed. Before admitting to that facility, I had relapsed only two weeks after leaving a different rehab center. I knew that I had to surrender and ask for the support I needed if I was ever going to achieve long-term sobriety, I just didn’t know what that looked like or how to get there. With the last week of my 90-day stay coming to an end, my case manager suggested The Redpoint Center in Longmont for intensive outpatient therapy and optional sober living.

I spoke with Donnie on the phone, and he could relate to me on my new journey of recovery. He knew exactly the steps to take not only to get admitted to Redpoint but what I needed to do after I had moved into sober living and started therapy. If I ever had any questions regarding what to do, I knew I could ask Redpoint staff since most of them have personal experience in recovery and have found success in long-term sobriety. They paired me with another sober living housemate who took me to AA meetings, and who even helped me get a job. I started working a new job serving tables at a restaurant 3 days after admitting, at 23 years old. It was suggested I go to recovery meetings as often as I could, and to start exercising. I filled most of my time working, attending AA meetings, going to therapy, and exercising.

Then faster than I could have ever imagined, my life started drastically improving. Not only was I making friends, connecting with a recovery community, becoming financially independent, and working through past trauma, but all that work slowly started accumulating into a life I could enjoy and feel fulfilled in. I was soaking in advice and suggestions like a sponge, and I was taking action. This was the change I needed because, in previous treatment environments, my inflated ego and sense of entitlement were like the great wall of China that blocked any useful advice or suggestions. Unlike other treatment centers that I went to, Redpoint felt like home. They held me accountable, treated me like family, and showed they truly cared about me, and eventually became like family.

After obtaining a sponsor in AA and working through the 12 steps, I started sponsoring other young men in recovery. I attended group and individual therapy at Redpoint for 9 months. After obtaining a year of sobriety, I became the house manager of Redpoint’s sober living house. I get the opportunity to support people who are just like myself, as they start their recovery journeys. While in my role as house manager, I obtained a job as a pharmacy technician in a mental health hospital. I worked in the pharmacy for about a year, until I was offered a full-time position at The Redpoint Center.

I have worked at Redpoint for over three years, and currently have over four years of sobriety. I have obtained my recovery coach certification, and I love being able to work with people in recovery and to be working at a facility that was instrumental in saving my life. Even though life throws curveballs, my life is manageable without using mind-altering substances, and that is such an amazing gift.

Boulder and Larimer County Mental Health and Drug Rehab Andy's Journey of Recovery with Redpoint Photo

Our dedicated outpatient programs can instill the skills and strategies needed to manage your life with your family while continuing to focus on your sober efforts. With multiple locations across Colorado, we can help you find the place to begin your journey to healing with your family today. For more information on how we can personalize your time with us, call to speak to us today at (303) 710-8496.

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