Addiction, mental health disorders, and trauma affect people from all communities. Our mission at Redpoint is to reach those who need support through our trusted treatment program. We are excited to introduce a new location in beautiful Glenwood Springs, CO, providing our unique blend of personalized care, proven therapeutic modalities, and community. We are proud to open our doors to support clients living in the area or looking to begin their journey through addiction and mental health recovery in a new, transformative location.

Boulder and Larimer County Mental Health and Drug Rehab Glenwood Springs Location PhotoOur Connection to Glenwood Springs

Building meaningful, lasting relationships is a core tenant of our beliefs at Redpoint, and a driving force behind opening a new healing center in Glenwood Springs. Glenwood Springs is the place where the head of our own recovery facilities first achieved their own transformative, sustained sobriety, and the opportunity to give back to the community, its people, and its healing potential means so much to us, creating a cycle of effective treatment and healing.

The Redpoint Difference

Each client’s journey to recovery and sobriety is unique, and we are prepared to meet you where you are on your path to a healthier future. By helping each client find a personalized approach to recovery while balancing their needs, goals, and responsibilities of daily life, we develop a comprehensive program that is right for you. Every client has access to meetings with our doctor and regular professional therapeutic modalities. There is no “quick fix” to addiction or mental health disorders. Still, Redpoint offers a caring hand, personalized approach, and comprehensive individual and group programs to help you through each step of your transformative journey.

We believe that there should never be any barriers to the help you need, and Redpoint is prepared to work with you to find a schedule that fits your work and daily life while working with you through straightforward financial programs and insurance options each step of the way. From Longmont to Fort Collins and now Glenwood Springs, our professional care and established healing atmosphere are available to you.

Redpoint IOP Programs

Intensive outpatient programs (IOPs) are the cornerstone of balancing a healthy lifestyle. We meet with you on a regular basis while not disrupting your daily life or living situation, all to better understand how each client’s daily life, stresses, and needs create their daily routine. By working with Redpoint, you will establish a healthy approach to daily practices and therapeutic strategies. We help each client balance their responsibilities and obligations outside the recovery sphere while developing personalized skills through regular outpatient meetings and programs.

Meeting with us three times a week for a few hours can help you process the challenges of your changing lifestyle while providing you with the skills, tools, and mentality to continue chasing your transformative ambitions while sustaining your independence.

Not only can we help clients balance their established professions, education, or other responsibilities, but we also work to personalize each and every recovery plan based on the stresses and needs that these things bring without feeling like clients have to put their lives on hold.

Treatment at Glenwood Springs

Addiction is a destructive disease that affects every facet of a client’s daily life, following clients across state lines and other boundaries. By creating a safe space at Glenwood Springs, we empower clients to acknowledge the struggles of addiction to face them head-on with informed, effective, and proven therapeutic modalities. Whether you are looking to address your use of alcohol, marijuana, opioids, meth, or other substances, Glenwood Springs is a place of healing and change for you.

We blend the use of effective and proven mindfulness-based therapies, experiential care, community, and personalized treatment modalities to create an effective approach for each client, utilizing the advantages of Glenwood Springs to make every day a personalized recovery experience.

Mental health disorders can accompany addiction in many ways, often informing the use of addictive substances and creating a dangerous cycle. However, others may struggle with anxiety disorders, depression, bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and many other ailments that can plague the mind on a daily basis. The professionals at Redpoint are equipped to help each client navigate the complexities of their own emotions and process intense feelings in a healthy way. By further personalizing each client’s time with us, we can address complex dual diagnoses while helping clients take their own change and future into their own hands.

Redpoint’s Approach to Recovery

Empathy and humanity are core tenants of our philosophy, and Redpoint understands the discomforts and struggles that each client faces on the precipice of such transformation. Taking the first step is always the most difficult. However, no client is ever alone in their journey, and it is never too late to take your first step toward a healthy future. We believe in putting each client’s future in their own hands, building new strategies and skills while creating a supportive community of peers and professionals.

By cultivating a supportive community with peers and professionals alike, as well as developing family programs and rebuilding key relationships in each client’s life, we are bringing the essence of family, support, and proven therapeutic care to many communities. Now, our doors at Glenwood Springs are open to further give back to the people and communities that mean the most to create a healthy, fulfilling future.

Drug addiction treatment and mental health private therapy session

At our new location in Glenwood Springs, CO, we are prepared to take a personal approach to your recovery, helping you build a new, transformed life together. If you have a loved one struggling with addiction or mental health, or if you are searching for help for yourself, call to speak to us about your options today at (303) 710-8496

If you have questions about Redpoint Center's mental health rehab and drug programs in Boulder, Larimer, or Garfield County, please call (888) 509-3153 or text us now.