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Addressing and overcoming the use of alcohol or alcohol use disorder (AUD) is a complicated task, and each person will have their own unique journey. Informed by personal needs, experiences, perspectives, social groups, and more, there is no one, single journey to sobriety, or just one “right” way to engage in professional treatment. At Redpoint, we embrace a highly varied and personalized approach to professional treatment, ensuring that each individual receives an approach to recovery and sobriety that best resonates with them. We also instill a variety of skills and perspectives for sustained healing throughout our dedicated outpatient programs and beyond. 

Finding Your Best Programs

Professional treatment for overcoming AUD takes many forms, and Redpoint is committed to not just helping each individual find the approach that works best for them, but also continuing to adjust and customize each program throughout the process to ensure continued efficacy in recovery. Redpoint’s use of dedicated outpatient programs is designed to not only provide effective and proven approaches to overcoming the use of alcohol but also empower those in recovery to continue living their own lives and tending to personal and professional responsibilities.

Each program with Redpoint is filled with proven therapeutic modalities and personal support, with many professionals having navigated the challenges of recovery themselves. Knowing the options available and how Redpoint is prepared to adjust based on each individual’s progress, needs, and goals can be an empowering feeling for those in recovery that highlights Redpoint’s goal of a sustainable sober future and a culture of healing throughout Colorado. 

Personalizing Professional Treatment

Being able to personalize each individual’s professional treatment plan is crucial for empowering those beginning their recovery journey to approach new sober practices with motivation and confidence, helping them better commit to their own goals in sobriety. Exploring the options available can also help each individual discuss possible strategies and gain a needed sense of agency over their recovery efforts. Effective professional treatment always addresses the individual and their interactions with addictive substances like alcohol and the stresses that surround it, rather than simply addressing the symptoms of AUD alone. 

The Need for Professional Treatment

While professional treatment can be intimidating, it can also be necessary. At-home attempts to overcome alcohol use can be exceptionally difficult, and professionals are necessary to address stresses, develop personalized relapse-prevention strategies, navigate mental health needs, and much more. There is no replacement for professional treatment when overcoming the effects of AUD, and Redpoint is prepared to help each person engage in personalized treatment while still living their best lives outside of the treatment facility. These programs are designed to provide the necessary tools an individual needs to manage the challenges of addiction and everyday life. They will also help build a support network for an individual to work with well into their recovery. 

Individual and Group Therapy

Both individual and group therapy play important roles in overcoming AUD. At Redpoint, these approaches are blended to ensure that each person is given the opportunity to discuss vulnerable topics in a safe space. These options are great for embracing a more educated stance on a person’s own recovery journey. They are also excellent for finding new social groups, creating new connections, and engaging in a community of healing for their own personal motivation and commitment to continued sobriety. 

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)

According to Lancet Psychiatry, “It is recommended that MAT, often in combination with a behavioral intervention, be offered to patients with a clinical indication (e.g., a positive screening test or relevant physical symptoms) of AUD.” However, according to the same study, “Despite the availability of medications with demonstrated efficacy for treating AUD, they are widely underutilized. MAT is prescribed to less than 9% of patients who are likely to benefit from them.” 

The philosophy at Redpoint believes that effective treatment of AUD often requires MAT and therapy. Therefore, using medication to address unique challenges like anxiety, depression, withdrawal symptoms, and more can all be instrumental in providing this additional support in sobriety and would not be available through at-home recovery efforts. 

Professional Treatment for Healing the Whole Self

Addiction affects every facet of daily life. Understanding how a person’s use of alcohol impacts their thoughts and behaviors is a crucial part of exploring a new and sustainable sober life. Redpoint utilizes cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) to explore these connections, helping each person better understand how the use of alcohol informs other mentalities, ideas, and needs in recovery. Engaging in effective CBT practices at Redpoint can also reveal additional needs or empower those in recovery to recognize new parts of themselves to address for an effective professional recovery. Physical, emotional, and spiritual healing are all part of an effective recovery journey.


There is no replacement for dedicated and effective professional treatment to overcome alcohol use disorder (AUD). We at Redpoint are prepared to help you engage in the needed treatment necessary for a transformed future. Our commitment to sobriety blends into our curated culture of healing and acceptance at multiple locations across Colorado, from Longmont and Fort Collins to Glenwood Springs. We use proven therapeutic strategies with a community of peers and professionals, each of which is continuing to navigate their own continued sobriety to create a holistic and understanding approach to an alcohol-free life. For more information on how our outpatient treatment programs can benefit your sober goals, call to speak to us today at (303) 710-8496.

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