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Recovering from substance use disorder (SUD) and mental health issues may feel overwhelming. A structured environment makes it easier for individuals to gain confidence in establishing and achieving recovery goals. According to research published by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), “For clients who are stepped down from [intensive outpatient treatment], outpatient treatment offers the support they need to continue developing relapse prevention skills and resolving the personal, relationship, employment, legal, and other problems often associated with early recovery.” Full-day programs at The Redpoint Center provide personalized treatment plans to ensure clients achieve their personal and recovery goals.

How Are Full-Day Programs Different From Residential Treatment?

Residential treatment is generally reserved for individuals with severe SUD symptoms and complex co-occurring mental health issues. People with mild symptoms who have a strong support system at home benefit most from the flexibility and personalization of outpatient care. Full-day programs ensure you have a schedule to keep you on track during the week. The structure makes avoiding distractions, intrusive thoughts, and triggers less stressful.

Full-day programs provide many of the same benefits as residential care. However, a few ways full-day programs are different from residential care include:

  • Residential care requires clients to remain at facilities overnight and follow a strict daily schedule
  • Full-day programs allow clients to return home at night
  • Residential clients have access to recovery professionals 24/7
  • Full-day programs provide access to services during specific hours of the day
  • Residential treatment prepares clients for self-accountability
  • Full-day programs rely on clients to use self-accountability to maintain recovery

Non-residential programs allow more freedom of movement. The care team can adjust sessions to your unique schedule. Also, peer support during non-residential treatment helps clients achieve their goals by providing additional motivation and inspiration. You can share your successes and concerns with people who have similar life experiences and understand your situation.

The Benefits of Full-Day Programs

Full-day treatment programs keep clients focused on the work of healing and establishing new behaviors. In addition, the full daily schedule makes it more difficult for people in recovery to feel bored or unfulfilled. Clinicians provide services to keep you excited about moving forward in your recovery journey. The Redpoint Center is dedicated to ensuring you have the necessary resources to meet your personal goals.

Attending a full-day program allows you to do the following:

  • Practice active listening, conflict resolution, and other social skills between treatment sessions
  • Learn to monitor, identify, and cope with potential triggers, cravings, and intrusive thoughts related to substance misuse
  • Take personal time to process changes and practice essential therapeutic techniques
  • Engage with peers in a wholesome and welcoming recovery community

People struggling with substance misuse in and around the Longmont, Colorado, area benefit from participating in the programs and services offered at The Redpoint Center. The care team uses a goal-oriented and recovery-based approach to treatment, allowing clients to grow and thrive in early recovery.

Recovery Goals Include Relapse Prevention

Intensive outpatient (IOP) and partial hospitalization (PHP) programs provide consistency and familiarity to help clients feel comfortable maintaining sobriety. Clinicians ensure clients understand what to expect during early recovery by educating them on the realities of substance misuse treatment, potential triggers, and relapse prevention. The Redpoint Center uses evidence-based methods to help clients prepare for long-term recovery by creating relapse prevention and crisis management strategies.

Some common recovery goals clients focus on include:

  • Avoiding relapse for a set period of days, weeks, or months
  • Improving and managing symptoms of SUD and related mental health issues
  • Making amends or repairing relationships affected by substance misuse

Full-day treatment programs provide the support you need to achieve realistic recovery goals.

Outpatient Programs Motivate Lasting Change

Full-day non-residential programs in Longmont, Colorado, provide locals access to a wide range of services. You will gain self-confidence and increase self-esteem as you learn to successfully navigate early recovery. Your personalized care plan focuses on ensuring you achieve the personal and recovery goals to keep you feeling motivated. The care team will collaborate to ensure you feel comfortable and confident managing your condition before completing treatment.

What to Expect From The Redpoint Center’s Full-Day Programs

Attending programs at Redpoint ensures access to essential treatment services and the support of a dedicated recovery team. The sense of community and peer support makes it easier to focus on achieving goals. Treatment programs focus on providing a truly unique recovery experience to help clients create long-term positive changes.

You can expect to benefit from the following:

  • Compassionate support from peers, clinicians, and the support staff
  • A fellowship of individuals with similar life experiences
  • Evidence-based and goal-oriented treatment services

Full-day programs allow you to develop and practice life skills to keep you moving forward in your recovery after completing treatment.

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