Media: The Redpoint Center in Times-Call

The Denver Post.

Longmont Observer.

WPH Live.

“Redpoint Center puts on Handball Clinic,
featured on World Players of Handball”

Media: The Redpoint Center in World Players of Handball

Harmony Foundation.

Longmont Business Directory.




The Redpoint Center has earned recognition in the local and national media for our work.
Our drug rehabilitation treatment facility is located in Longmont, Colorado. We empower our clients to live meaningful lives. Redpoint’s team of licensed professionals understand the complex challenges associated with starting anew. As a result, our clients are provided a diverse set of tools to navigate their new lives.
Longmont, Colorado is only 30 minutes from Denver and 10 miles north of Boulder. Moreover, this town has grown into a bustling metropolis. This location gives us access to a thriving recovery community. Those in recovery find their place, among the backdrop of the tranquil Rocky Mountains. This means that our clients enjoy the great outdoors while building recovery-supportive relationships. Above all, finding balance is paramount to living a healthy life in recovery.
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