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From the moment you call, we are here to support you and structure a process that empowers you. You will learn how to make the changes and choices needed to rediscover your hope for the future. Most importantly, we will meet you where you are at so that you don’t have to disrupt every aspect of your life in order to get help.

First we identify the problem you need to address. Our approach is to use highly individualized and intensive outpatient therapy. You will spend 10-12 hours a week in a combination of group and individual therapies. In group, you’ll discover the comfort of companionship and the realization that you are not alone in your experiences. In our work together and with your individual therapist, you will actuate relapse prevention, healthy coping and relationship skills, mindfulness, distress tolerance, interpersonal effectiveness, and emotional recognition. Additionally, an inhouse doctor will monitor your health and prescribe medications as needed.

Our only goal is for you to find support and success, which means your program is yours, and yours alone. We evaluate the unique treatment necessary to your health and happiness, making it attainable and sustainable within your life.


Call: (888) 509-3153

We accept most major insurance providers. Verify your insurance benefits to get started.

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    If you have questions about The Redpoint Center’s Boulder or Larimer County mental health rehab and drug addiction programs please call (888) 509-3153.