Letter from Our Founder.

Cody Gardner

Cody Gardner

Cody Gardner - Founder of The Redpoint Center

I’ve watched the evolution of the drug and alcohol problem over the past 15 years in this country. During this time, I saw it ravage communities. It takes children, mothers, fathers, and loved ones from their families. I saw parents who lost hope, and young adults caught in a web of shame, guilt and self-pity.

Within that time, I also experienced firsthand, the many stories of people who found long term recovery. There were people who did not have hope, who did not see a way out, but found a life that is infinitely more meaningful. I saw families reunited, children grow up to become the adults they were meant to be, and communities restored.

Following my own recovery in 2006, I began working to help those afflicted. In the past 11 years, I worked for low-income group homes, and helped those caught in the criminal justice system. I also managed treatment centers in various parts of this country.


My Vision for The Redpoint Center

As the founder, I created The Redpoint Center with a vision—a vision to help those struggling with substance use disorder to find long term recovery. I believe that each person caught in this epidemic deserves access to high quality, trauma informed, recovery oriented care. The days of addiction stigmas need to come to an end. We can stand up and proclaim that each person is valuable, and has the opportunity to recover.

The Redpoint Center is a labor of love by a handpicked team of dedicated individuals. They never hesitate to pick up the phone in the middle of the night for someone who is struggling. They are a group of people who have demonstrated the highest level of ethical compass and endeavor each day to help each person who walks through our doors.


Get Started on Your Journey

If you or someone you know is struggling with a substance use disorder, please call and allow us the opportunity to help. If we don’t believe we can help, we will find the right person or organization who can.



We are here to help.

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