Our Ethics.

With the addiction epidemic taking center stage in the media over the past decade, there has been a higher-than-ever level of scrutiny of treatment organizations and practices throughout the country.

We, at Redpoint have been fortunate to have worked for some of the premier organizations throughout the country. In our journey’s we have seen highly credible organizations and less-than-reputable organizations.

We are saddened by the mis-appropriation of resources, the fraud, and the unethical practices that we hear about every day in the media. On a weekly basis we are heartbroken by the stories we hear of desperate Americans who have sought treatment only to be sold a “quick fix” to a much bigger problem. We regularly hear about organizations that are driven more by the dollar than by helping people.

All of the Redpoint mission, practices, and branding are an attempt to clarify what great, ethical, and successful treatment practices should be. Below we want to outline our ethical commitment and our commitment to each person who passes through our doors:

  • Redpoint does not engage in any form of misleading or deceptive marketing, branding or other public relations that promotes services we do not in-fact offer, or services that are presented as a “quick-fix.”
  • Redpoint does not engage in any form of patient brokering, call center client acquisition, or quid pro quo relationships.
  • Redpoint does not receive any form of reimbursement or remuneration for any referral to us. We do not pay for clients in any form.
  • Redpoint will never use inducements such as airplane tickets or amenities to intice someone to enroll.
  • Redpoint strongly adheres to confidentiality in all of its business. HIPAA and confidentiality are at the core of our responsibilities and we take this very seriously. All clients or potential clients confidentiality will be respected each step of the way.
  • Redpoint has a published fee structure for each service. This is available on request to any client or their family/champion.
  • Our unspoken mission is, “We will treat each client on a strictly case-by-case basis, If we believe we can help someone, we will do that, if we do not believe we can, we will get them to the right form of treatment. Period.”
    • To us, this means that not one formula for recovery works for everyone. If it is ethical, legal and within our ability we will do everything we can to help our clients. This is regardless of financial, social or any other circumstance.
  • We understand that even our IOP+, as robust of an offering as we believe it to be, is not always enough for clients. We will not admit clients who are not clinically appropriate for our level of care.
  • We do not engage in “Balance Billing,” hidden costs, or other forms of deceptive billing practices. Each client signs an admissions agreement outlining the payment arrangement.
  • Redpoint will never use our active client’s images or likenesses for marketing purposes.

We are here to help.

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